Our Team

Bishnu Subedi. Co- founder and President of Nepal Eco Club.
Bishnu is the owner and founder of travel business Nature Trail Travels and Tours, he is also involved in many other social organisations such as, Himalayan Environmental and Cultural Awareness Center, HECAC Children Home, Nepal Eco Club, Charity Nepal School etc. in Nepal, and many other social organisations in Tibet and Bhutan respectively.
“My specialty is tourism, I am currently helping to grow sustainable tourism in Nepal and contribute all my energy and knowledge to this field. Also as social worker, I have extensive knowledge of working with locals and helping them in their capacity building.”

Bishowvijaya Pandey.  Vice President of Nepal Eco Club

Bishowvijaya is a graduate of Physics and has been working as an instructor of Physics and Mathematics. Besides this he is a lifetime member of the Nepal Physical Society and is also a Google Local Guide. Some of his research works are published in national and international Physics journals.

“We all are human but are we humane ? We don’t deserve to be the worst creatures in nature. So I am ready to join hands with you to maintain sustainable ecosystem. Are you?”

Dipendra Prasad Poudel, Secretary of Nepal Eco Club

"Our small act of carefulness and kindness can make a huge impact in conserving and promoting nature. Reducing single use plastic and formulating effective policy for sustainable development will help us to create a harmony between human and nature."

Sudharshan Subedi. Treasurer and Co-founder of Nepal Eco Club

Mr. Sudarshan Subedi is the treasurer and co-founder of Nepal Eco Club, which takes initiation for drawing attention of the world community for the exploration of methods and techniques of making human life happy and delighted by reducing the problems of global warming incorporating different national and international workshops, seminars and interactive programs. He is also the founder of Naxal Group, from which he managed to serve more than 3000 earthquake victims back in 2015 and visited 7 districts with medical assistance and relief materials. Subedi, who is currently working as the International Coordinator of Himalayan White House World School, Event Manager at Pacific Event & Management.

Sauden Badal/Project Manager

After completing his Bachelor of Technology at Rajasthan University in India, Sauden has pursued his interest in leadership practices and finding innovative ways to connect like minded people both in Nepal and on an international level. He is currently working towards building an networking platform for innovative minds. He is passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders by sharing thought-provoking perspectives on motivation and challenging the traditional approach to a career. He has been empowering youths of Nepal by organizing various leadership and motivational events.
“The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.”

Elizabeth Starks. Volunteer.

Our volunteer Elizabeth has been helping to write content for our website, her background is in teaching English as a Foreign Language and has taught English whilst living in Italy, China and Australia. She has volunteered and campaigned for many international humanitarian organisations and in her spare time volunteers with refugee children.
“I believe that education is the key to solving many of the world's issues. If we are to effectively tackle climate change in Nepal, working together with children and the community to learn better Eco friendly practices is one way that we can do this.”


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