Helping Hands

Kathmandu is overflowing with litter, food waste and e-waste, it is affecting the lives of people who live here, the environment around us, the health of our animals and ourselves. We can be part of the positive change moving towards a cleaner, safer Nepal. How can you get involved?

Be A Helping Hand

The Helping Hands campaign aims to get the young people of Nepal engaged with their local community and see the real and positive impact they can make by getting involved.
By getting involved you can be the change, all you need is your hands and your imagination.

It’s Your Project

Look around you, look at your community and the effect of waste disposal on people’s lives. How do you think you can help? What ideas do you have? How can you be the change? Involve your friends, your family, your school and work together to clean your community.

How Can You Start?

1. Decide what your project will be.
2. Tell us you’re taking part and we’ll send you a display board pack to help recruit and inspire volunteers…

3. Use our starter presentation to tell the whole school how volunteering can make a difference and how they can be part of it.
4. Tell us what you’re going to do by adding a blog (this will help inspire many more people around the country to help too). Work out how and when you’re going to do your Helping Hands activity and what you need (people and materials).
5. Contact us and let us know your plan, then get started!

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