Go Green

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that plants are our lifeline. Plants produce Oxygen, during photosynthesis, into environment continuously for our survival. Not only that they are the producers of our food web. We utilise plants in different ways like timber, ¬†firewood, infrastructure etc. Plants are helping to clean our air through carbon absorption. Our mother Earth has a name ‘The Green Planet’ or ‘The Living Planet’ because of this flora.

Forests are the primary source of our basic needs. The overgrowth in population has caused deforestation on a global scale. By deforestation we, the human, are putting our lives in danger and the symptoms are on the surface in the form of different natural calamities, global warming, the greenhouse effect, air pollution, disease, landslides, floods, soil erosion etc.

But it’s us who can maintain the greenery of nature. This is not only for nature but for us too. Let’s unite to increase the density of plants in our open areas. Let’s make our city green and eco-friendly. It will cost nothing to you except your hand for plantation. As a result nature will pay us back by helping us to live a healthy life.

For more details and if you want to get involved, contact us.


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