About Us

We Nepalese people are known around the world for our bravery, pride, self respect and richness of Atithi Devo Bhava culture (guests are equal to God). Our country is globally renowned for the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, our diverse cultures and spectacular natural beauty. In addition it’s the country of the eight thousanders, habitat of different deities, birthplace of Lord Buddha and the land of 118 ecosystems. As a result of Nepal’s popularity it has become one of the most attractive destinations for tourists, because of this there has been both negative and positive impacts on this country’s development. Therefore we feel that it is imperative that we create and ensure our own identity in the world through our art, culture, humanitarian works and encouraging our people to practice Eco friendly methods so that we can maintain a healthy, natural and sustainable environment.

To achieve this we cannot solely depend on the individual, the tourism industry or government efforts, therefore to spread awareness of how we can develop tourism, our art culture and maintain a healthy, unpolluted environment Nepal Eco Club aims to educate our society through national and international workshops, seminars and interactive programs.

Our Objectives

  • To organise seminars, workshops and training at a national and international level, to face the challenge of global warming, climate change to find ways to reduce its negative effects on our environment.
  • To increase public awareness of the effects of increased industrialisation and urbanisation on Nepal’s biodiversity.
  • To assist in the sustainable development and promotion of Nepal’s Eco tourism sector.
  • To support and assist the economic, social, educational and cultural development of the country.
  • To run humanitarian campaigns such as; free health camps to provide access to basic health care and education, facilitate organic agriculture and family planning clinics.
  • To run a campaign to control increasing pollution in Nepal by creating a proper management system for waste disposal.

Our Mission

To work collectively with the involvement of government, the tourism industry, individuals and tourists towards a cleaner, healthier, unpolluted Nepal, for the benefit of the Nepali people, our environment, the economic development of our country and future generations.

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