A hike for nature Jamacho Peak, Kathmandu

We human are the product of nature but some of our activities are becoming unnatural. These unnatural activities are destroying the balance of our ecosystem. Keeping this reality under discussion Nepal Eco Club had organized the ‘hike for nature’ event in Jamacho Peak, Kathmandu on 28 July 2018 to spread the message that we are the polluter of nature and of course only we can prevent it.

The event was officially started from 8 am though we were gathered there before 8 am. Our team of 8 started a climbing on Jamacho peak with sight-seeing, observing the floras and faunas, locating the garbage and planning for future events. As the apex in Jamacho Monastery we enjoyed the food we have carried and helped the monks there to place the flag.

While climbing down we started collecting garbage. Most of the garbage we have collected contained plastic products especially mineral water bottles, junk food rappers and chocolate coverings. We also found some glass bottles over there. The garbage we found there was more than expected so we couldn’t be able to clean all wastes. So we planned to include Jamacho peak cleaning campaign in our to do list and conduct it again in near future. Three full bags of collected garbage was handover to Nepal Army officials who are there to protect Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park.
Nepal Eco Club Team
Our hike for nature was not only for to collect the garbage but to convey the message to everyone whoever is climbing the peak that it’s we who can make our environment clean. Our many thanks to the Nepal Army who is protecting the area 24-7 without no any exception and the preventive measures they implied to reduce the pollution in this area.

Some of the quotes which are displayed in the entrance of Jamacho peak are as follows:
• Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.
• Shoot the animals with camera, not with guns
• Clean and green, our perfect dream
• Lets go green, get our globe clean
• Wildlife is our greatest treasure, protect it with any measure

Handovering the collected garbage to the Nepal Army

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